My podcast guest, Therese Skelly, spoke about the inner game of confidence. She helps high-achieving women in business who are committed to making a difference. These talented women know they’re sitting on a gold mine, but they’re often in their own way. Through the work they do together, her clients begin to own their value, make more money, serve more people and have a business that makes them happy.

In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast, you’ll learn:

– How to overcome limiting beliefs and blocks to your success
– How to uncover the keys to the inner game of confidence
– How Therese found her unique skillset after years in other professions
– Why it’s so important to discover your true worth and align with your values


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Season 2 EP 2: Therese Skelly – The Inner Game of Confidence

Developing the Inner Game of Confidence

2:53 She was a therapist and a business coach/marketing specialist, but she couldn’t own her value because of limiting beliefs she had. One day, her colleagues in her mastermind kicked her in the butt! They told her she was great at mindset stuff, and why was she a marketer? She began pivoting her business to doing what most lit her up. Dating after divorce and having relationships showed her what she will and won’t accept.

What Lights Her Up

5:45 She loves helping service-based business women sell themselves and raise their rates with confidence. 

9:30 She was told she was too picky about men. She learned to stop apologizing for wanting what she wanted. “Your soul has desires. Love yourself enough to say, ‘That is mine to have!’” You have to be willing to walk away from anything that doesn’t work.

From Bankrupt to Riches

14:00 She never learned about money. She married a wealthy man, and he divorced her and left her with a good chunk of money. The recession hit, and she went from $13,000 months to $750 months. She lost her house and car and went bankrupt. She was debilitated, and was wondering who would save her. No one saved her. Over time, she learned to receive support, find her truth, and rise up to succeed.

The Inner Game of Confidence and Success

20:36 Therese shares a  client story of how she helped a client with her inner game. She helps clients focus on where they’re getting stuck. This woman was struggling with clarity of who her market was. She intuited that the issue of stuckness began in utero. Her mom had always told the story that she came out fingers first and tore up her mom on the way out. So, she made the decision, “When I show up, people get hurt.” That decision colored all her life, including business and personal relationships. Once she helped her unblock, she flourished.

An Inner Game Limiting Belief She Overcame

27:00 She has been divorced for years, and she believed she wasn’t good enough to choose or be chosen. She had shame around relationships, and she believed, “Men will leave.”

What She’s Creating Now

30:00 She’s transitioning from business coach to tapping into her intuition and mindset work. She’s now a guide/mentor, and she works with high-achieving women. She has a book launching in a few months, and she has a great Facebook group and a wonderful relationship. She’s eating clean and is the healthiest she’s ever been. She more true to herself!

Lightning Round!

37:05 She used to think she wasn’t ENOUGH enough. She was devalued as a child, which held her back in life. A mistake she made that taught her an important life lesson: overgiving and trying to get her needs met. Also, not having boundaries. 

How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

42:00 “A woman that gave hope and inspiration and holding people with compassion.”

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