My podcast guest, Dr. Valerie Rein, discovered the hidden barrier to a woman’s happiness — Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD). She created the only science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment by healing the collective, inherited trauma of oppression. Her bestselling book, “Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment” and her healing programs have helped thousands of women go from surviving to thriving. 


In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast:

  • What is Patriarchy Stress Disorder and how is it impacting the lives of so many women?
  • Why you’re dissatisfied in spite of your achievements, and why it’s not your fault.
  • What secretly drains 90 percent of your time and energy, and how to reclaim it.
  • How to upgrade your game of “How much can I bear?” to “How good can it get?”

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Show Notes

Season 2 EP 4: Dr. Valerie Rein – The Hidden Barrier to Women’s Happiness

Describe what you mean be ‘waking up from the nightmare of patriarchy’.

My work is about women reclaiming their worth. We have scientific evidence that women suffer from worthlessness. A woman feels she is worth less than a man. In the past, we didn’t own our bodies. We couldn’t love who we loved. A woman of value is healing that wound and is waking up from the nightmare of patriarchy. She realizes it’s fully hers. It’s unconditional. It’s about embodiment of our worth. We exorcise that genetic generational trauma from her cellular being.


Do men experience Patriarchy Stress Disorder, too?

I define trauma as any event or circumstance that made us feel unsafe in our fullest authentic expression. For women, there’s been a clear trajectory of suppressing our fullest authentic expression. For men, we see their suffering and how they’re also traumatized. Many men feel less than the patriarchal ideal of ‘man’ as aggressive, dominating, a crusher. Men are also gentle and nurturing and feeling. Patriarchal prohibition has been devastating for a man’s psyche, too.


women's happinessWhat was your aha moment of reclaiming your value?

I’d always wondered what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I fit in? Why don’t I feel comfortable in my skin? I didn’t know I was living in the patriarchy and nothing was wrong with me. I had major depression, anxiety, and I was suicidal. 

I discovered yoga which was my first mind/body tool. I felt more safe than ever before. I realized something was possible beyond my therapy and psychology courses. I started studying mind/body tools and taught them to my patients. I didn’t think I had trauma! 

I ended up in the hospital with a stroke scare, and I was told it was ‘just stress’. I didn’t feel stressed. When the research came out that trauma was transmitted through DNA, I had my big aha moment. The answer to all of this was healing within.


What is the trauma in our DNA?

Trauma is everywhere. It’s anything that makes you feel unsafe. The first step in healing is taking a bird’s eye view of everywhere trauma comes from. My body remembered being inside my mother’s uterus and feeling her anxiety. My body felt unsafe. I got the message that the world wasn’t a safe place. 


How do you heal from PSD?

It starts with awareness. Of the stories we tell ourselves. And what we feel in our bodies. Everything we desire that has been forbidden for women: being fully sexually expressed, being visible, having money. Survival instructions were: Don’t be too sexy, or you’ll be raped. 


5 stage healing journey from being ‘INVISIBLE IN PRISON’

  1. Waking up in prison. What have we inherited? What’s cultural? What have we dismissed? What have we let roll off? If any experience make you shrink a little, it’s trauma. We make the traumas visible at this stage.
  2. Meet our prison guards. They have kept us safe. Stories, inner critic, imposter syndrome. We have adrenal fatigue. Anxiety and depression. Hormonal imbalances. They keep us from what we want through addictive behaviors, stuckness, and lack of clarity.
  3. Prison guards are bodyguards. Appreciation for what kept us safe.  
  4. Digging the tunnel. Work with a practitioner to heal within [so you can begin to dig your way out].
  5. Savoring freedom. We emerge from being invisible in prison. When we realize we can have it all, we often self sabotage. In come the pleasure police! We’re not able to handle this level of love, intimacy, and wealth. It’s a gradual practice of using mind/body tools to upgrade our ‘vehicle’ in the Formula 1 race! With this deep work, we shift from surviving to thriving. We master the game of how good can it get.


“I’d like to be remembered with big smiles. The work I did brought a lot of joy, humor, levity, excitement and expansion.”


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