Women Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Succeeding

The Lunch and Learn sessions are designed to help women become empowered and effective communicators and leaders. They can be taught as single sessions or as a series.

Maximum number of attendees per session = 25

Session 1:

Look Who’s Talking!

The first step in empowered communication is to understand what type of communicator you are, and the types of those you’re in communication with. We dive deeply into the four communication archetypes. This knowledge will lead to fewer misunderstandings, more compassion for yourself and those with different styles, and clearer conversations with everyone.

Session 2:

Tame Your Inner Critic.

Knowing how to quiet the negative voices of the inner critic is life-changing. It helps us stay in our power in every area of our lives. In this session, you’ll learn seven ways to tame the inner critic. You’ll also discover five ways to handle an aggressive ‘scorpion’, the most challenging communication archetype.

Session 3:

Accessing Your ‘Inner Guide’ to Speak Up in Challenging Situations.

Be guided through a powerful method of quickly accessing your highest self or ‘inner guide’. This is one of the best ways to quiet the inner critic and get your best work done. You'll also learn powerful communication skills and scripts so you can know what to say, when to say it, and how to best connect when you’re feeling angry, hurt, undervalued, or misunderstood.

Session 4:

Words that Empower, Words that Diminish.

In the final session, we’ll uncover the ‘killer’ words to stay away from in conversation and the words that are most empowering, leading to more respect and rewards for your true value.

Each session includes time for Q&A.

There are worksheets to deepen the learning between sessions.

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