My podcast guest, Tina Greenbaum, works with executives who want to increase their performance level in high stakes, high-pressure situations. An Optimal Performance Specialist and Sports Psychology Consultant, Tina’s signature program, Mastery Under Pressure, empowers leaders and their teams using cutting-edge technology, neuroscience, energy psychology, sports psychology and current learning theory. As she likes to say, “The only thing standing between you and your goals is…you.”


In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast, you’ll hear:

– Why Tina focuses on living your potential

– How to deal with stress, especially during the coronavirus global pandemic

– Napoleon Hill’s equation that leads to success

– How to up-level your life and work

– Powerful questions to ask yourself when you feel out of control

And more…

S2 EP 12: Tina Greenbaum – Living Your Potential



Stress is the perceived lack of control. When you feel anxious, ask yourself, “What’s in your control, and what’s out of your control?”

– Tina Greenbaum

When Tina stepped into her value

She’s changed her career six times. She kept asking herself, “What would it look like if I really lived into my potential?” She wanted to be more visible. She had no marketing experience, but she made her way. She asked again, “What would it look like if I really lived into my potential?”. She had big dreams, but her market was crowded. She was putting forth a lot of effort, but not making the money or impact she wanted. She follows a success equation from Napoleon Hill, as illustrated below.


[(Passion + Talent) x Association x Action] + Faith = Personal Success

Napoleon Hill

What if people are scared of reaching their full potential?

Identify what you’re scared of first. Tina likes to nail what it is for each person. We all have past traumas, and as we get to know ourselves better, we can serve the world as who we truly are. Listen to a great story about Tina realizing her true worth (14:00).


“Everyone has a responsibility to get to know themselves really well. Otherwise, our fears will control us rather than us controlling them.”


The Eisenhower Time Management System

living your potentialThis chart outlines the Eisenhower Time Management System. Figure out what’s most important and/or urgent in your life, and by hyper focused on those things. That’s how you reach your potential.

For Tina, personal development is urgent. Branding is urgent. Niching down to what you do best is urgent if you want to succeed in business.


The difference between a founder and a soul proprietor…

The founder has a team. She learned she had to go out and form a team that made her a grownup business. She also became a corporation instead of an LLC. It changed her mindset about taking her business seriously.

Intuition and following the ‘bubbling’ thoughts

It’s important to hear the thoughts that tell you you’re onto something. (26:00). Following the path of your intuition is what sets you apart. “It’s really the work of a warrior”.


What to do when your great ideas are not successful?

Practice mindfulness. Becoming aware in the present moment without judgment. You can’t change anything unless you have awareness. When you feel stuck, stop and ask yourself what’s not working. What do you need to do to solve that problem? Do that and move forward. People respond to people who are authentic. Tina says, “It’s only a failure if I haven’t learned from it.”

“It’s my mission to be a catalyst. To ignite people’s imaginations to think that they too, could have what they might have thought was impossible. And that the path to changing their situations, their organizations and the world, begins by changing themselves.”

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