Rebecca Hulse believes impossible is temporary. At only 27-years of age, she’s a speaker, consultant and business coach who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients. Rebecca is the Regional Coordinator for the Asia/Pacific Region for Access Consciousness, an international company with reach into 174 countries. She is a certified Joy of Business facilitator. Having completed her first “bucket list” by age 20, Rebecca is the personification of her motto “impossible is temporary.” She has experienced first-hand the power of opportunity and strives to constantly push the boundaries of what she is capable of, both personally and professionally.

In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast, you’ll learn:

– How to identify your unique traits and point of view

– How to overcome limiting beliefs in support of your big dreams

– How to believe in the possibility of a greater life

– How to always remember that impossible is temporary!

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Show Notes for Season 2 EP 1:

Rebecca Hulse – Impossible is Temporary

How to Find Your Unique Gifts

3:50 “Just open the door to one trait about you that’s great. Once you open the door a little, you can start the journey.”

How Rebecca Achieved Success at Such a Young Age

6:00 She’s from New Zealand. She had a supportive family, who told her she could succeed at anything. She began with a dream as a professional dancer. Her parents gave her a wakeup call about how to support herself as a dancer with a side business.

How to Stop Indulging in Limiting Beliefs

12:31 From I can’t to I can. Rebecca describes how she can be overly dramatic and give up hope, and what she does when she’s in that state to get unstuck. She says, “You get to choose how you live your life. No one is policing your life.”

Life is much Better When it’s Beyond My Control

16:27 Rebecca is a self admitted control freak. She talks about why it’s important to get unstuck and take a leap of faith. She maintains some control, and she explains how with the tools she uses.

“You can either control the outcome or control the ability to have a greater possibility. It’s never going to be perfect. But, what if I could just make it greater than it was before.”

Being Open to How Your Dream Will Show Up

22:20 What if your dream is not defined by ‘perfect’, and you were open to the magic of the unknown? We talk about the power of talking to strangers, and how you never know what that interaction might bring. Create moments of connection, instead of believing things happen to you without your interaction.

What Would Happen if You Failed?

25:49 You are the source for everything that happens in your life. We all have non-negotiables that won’t allow us to go too far in the wrong direction. Keep taking steps. Because, at step four, it’s much harder to turn back and judge yourself for what you’re creating.

How Rebecca Works With Clients

28:00 Joy of Business is about creating the business of your life and physical businesses. Simone Milasas, who created it, says if you have blood in your veins, you’re in business. If you’re the CEO of your life, who would you hire? Who would you fire? Hear more about she works with people interested in starting or growing a business.

Money Follows Joy

33:00 Does it really? What about the skeptics out there? Many people hate their work, but they stay for the money. Rebecca says, always ask, “Is this working for you? Great. What else can you add. Is this not working for you? What else can you do so you have more joy and sanity?” 

34:00 Take yourself out and sit with yourself quietly. Journal. It’s terrifying to be quiet with yourself! But, it’s so important if you want to grow. Rebecca gets overwhelmed when things slow down. She talks about what works for her. She asks, “Is there any of this that I need to handle here?”

Client Success Story

41:49 Someone who was a jewelry maker who couldn’t create or design for 6 months attended her workshop in New York. After the class, she came to the next class 8 weeks later. She sketched, had 6-10 finished new pieces. The tools of Joy of Business helped her get unstuck and un-trapped.

Her Dream for the Future

45:00 She’s partnering with her mom to teach women the business education they need to lead their community into the future.

47:49 She speaks about what she needs in a relationship; that someone will help her create something 20x better than what they both can create alone. We discuss the importance of getting out of ‘thinking’ and studying about relationships, and getting out there and learning in the ‘trenches’.

How Rebecca Would Like to Be Remembered

59:02 “Fun, and that I helped you see anything is possible.”

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