My podcast guest is Denise Soler Cox, a Filmmaker, Speaker and Co-creator of Project Enye (ñ). She’s an accomplished, mission-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker turned film director. Fueled by her own identity crisis as a first-generation American Latina born to Puerto Rican parents in New York, Denise struggled to fit into her surroundings. Straddling two cultures – the Puerto Rican lifestyle at home and the American dream, Denise experienced firsthand the challenges, compromises and inequalities that many sons and daughters of Spanish-speaking immigrants go through every day.

In 2012, she connected with Henry Ansbacher, a Denver-based Oscar-nominated filmmaker, and together they are giving this cultural issue an international stage through Project Enye (ñ).

In this episode, you’ll hear Denise’s story, about why she decided to make a movie about her identity crisis, even though she had no experience with filmmaking. This is a story of courage, passion, and making dreams come true!

EP 5: From Identity Crisis to Mission-Based Entrepreneur


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Show Notes: From Identity Crisis to Mission-Based Entrepreneur

1:01 Denise describes her ‘aha’ moment when she was 26-years-old and decided to make a movie. She had never made a film, didn’t know any filmmakers, but she knew she had to do it. However, she struggled with being ‘enough’. Who was she to make this movie? And that held her back for 17 years.

2:32 Learn what inspired Denise to finally make that leap to create her movie, Being eñye (ñ), and make her dream come true.

8:13 What is Project Eñye (ñ)? It’s a multimedia project. It’s about being a first-generation American born whose parents are from a Spanish-speaking country. The film is called Being Eñye. Denise now has a podcast, film, educational curriculum, workbook, book and cookbook, and another film coming out soon!

12:39 Do you have a dream? Denise shares an exercise to tap into your ‘heart knowing’. Write down your dream. Then write down the details. Then put your hand on your heart. Wait until you can hear your heart beat. Think about what you’re grateful for. Get in touch with your truth.

15:46 Story of how Denise’s life was transformed through the film. Vulnerable and beautiful!

22:43 Try being honest about your story and your life. The more layers you share, the more you can connect to others authentically.

The movie is about so much more than being an eñye. It’s about authenticity, grace, and self love.

26:44 What’s a freñye? Friends of eñyes!

28:23 How have her kids’ lives been impacted by project eñye?

32:07 Advice for those who are exploring their culture and trying to find their own way: What you know is good enough.   

45:42 The lightning round

55:01 Favorite Books:
Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results, by James Clear
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, by Gregg Bradon

Favorite quote: Khalil Gibran, Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.


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