My podcast guest, Amy Schmidt, is fearlessly facing fifty. In her 49th year, she had a wakeup call. After moving eleven times and raising three children, she was ready to focus on the next stage in life and create something of her own.

She shares the story of her marriage, moving every two or three years, working in pharmaceuticals, raising her three children, and living abroad in Germany. Twenty-seven years later, she launched Fearlessly Facing Fifty, to begin helping women fearlessly face fifty and beyond!

In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • What she learned from moving so many times.
  • How midlife is far from a crisis.
  • How to be fearlessly facing fifty as a time of enlightenment.
  • Why it’s important to be grateful for the knowledge and perspective you’ve gained at this stage in life.
  • Why it’s so crucial for women over fifty to share their stories.



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Show Notes: Fearlessly Facing Fifty and Beyond

4:55 Amy lived in Germany six years. The kids were resistant at first, but they became more flexible. One’s going to live abroad as travel is imprinted from childhood. Listen to why Amy felt it was important to show her children how to respond positively to change.


Fear of Change After Fifty

7:32: So many people she speaks with resist change after 50. Some ex-pats she’s doing a podcast with had put off moving for years because of fear. When she started her business, she wondered, “Can I do this? I’ve been out of the workforce for so many years. Am I smart enough?”

As we age, many people have fears about their health and the health of their families. There’s also the fear of dealing with aging parents. Roles are shifting as we take care of our parents at this stage in life. Some people have career changes. Getting back into a career after a decade or two not working can be daunting. Many doubt they can add value to the world at this stage in life. 


Personal Fears About Facing Fifty

10:30 Amy speaks about her fear of technology. She felt outdated. She got a new iPhone and couldn’t figure out how to turn off the flashlight! In order to succeed in business, she needed to push aside her fear of technology. She learned about editing and producing a podcast. She hired millennials to help her with her website and teach her how to edit the website.

She had a fear of writing and people criticizing what she wrote. Procrastination and perfection were holding her back.


Why She Founded ‘Fearlessly Facing Fifty’

She loves to inspire real women about topics that really matter. She believes we need to talk and have real conversations about aging.

“If [my work] can leave an imprint on a heart or inspires someone to take action or a combination of both, I feel like I’ve done my job.” – Amy Schmidt


She is in pain around women feeling invisible. She believes every woman has value. We need to figure out where we can feel good about ourselves.

“Every ordinary person has an extraordinary story.” – Amy Schmidt


The Future – It’s All About the Cannonball

19:00 She’s publishing her first book in 2020 in honor of her 50th birthday. It’s all about the ‘cannonball’. Find out why here. She’ll be creating summits featuring women who talk about the different things we navigate at this stage in life; aging parents, dating, relationships, and so much more. She also wants to do more public speaking and spread her message widely!

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