Cathy Alessandra, The ‘YES I Can’ Coach, had lost herself in trying to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect friend, the perfect business owner. She was failing at it all. She had to take her life back, regain her self-worth, and step back into her life in a new way. Listen to her journey towards saying ‘YES I Can’ and living her big dream.

Cathy has been an entrepreneur for over 23+ years. She has owned two magazines and has multiple best-selling books on Amazon. Her latest book, Dare to Be You: You Were Born to Be Brave, Bold and Fabulous, focuses on YOU living your YES with the help of her signature YES Method.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s important to get comfortable saying NO in order to say ‘YES I Can’ to your big dream
  • When life falls apart, you have a chance to recreate yourself in a much bigger and better way
  • What inspired Cathy to say YES I Can to her new life
  • The YES method so you can live your big dream
  • The power of letting go to create space for something better




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Show Notes: Saying ‘YES I Can’ to Your Big Dream


The Pivotal Moment of Reclaiming Her Value

yes I can2:30 Her marriage was failing, her son was using drugs, and she was losing herself while trying to save herself. Her friends had a heart-to-heart with her about about their concerns. So, she spent time by herself in quiet…no phone, no people, and read the Four Agreements, which changed her life.

She was at the gym one day and saw a woman walk in with a t-shirt that said, ‘One Woman Can’. She realized, “Yes, I can.” She needed to focus on herself and step into ‘yes I can’.


It’s a Disservice to Play Small

From that moment on, her entire life changed! She’s now divorced. Her son is thriving. Her daughters are doing well. She just bought a flat in Scotland. She feels like she’s been born again.


How She Began Saying YES I Can to Her Big Dream

10:00 She had always been a people pleaser. First, she learned to say no. Then, she peeled back the layers that got her to where she was, and she began to remember who she was. She hired a coach, journaled, took classes, and did a lot of personal development. She conquered her fears. Sat in her ambiguity and the unknown. And she went out to live her YES. She now lives by her core values. She sees the joy in the little things, and she has gratitude for all the challenges.


YES I Can: The YES Method

  1. Discover Your YES
  2. Own Your YES
  3. Love Your YES
  4. Design Your YES
  5. Live Your YES


The Power of Letting Go

24:00 Bless and release. You can’t control others, and it’s disempowering to do things for someone instead of holding space and providing tools when people are ready to grow and change.


Where Do You Struggle With Your ‘Yes I Can’?

25:00 She has tools to turn herself around more quickly than before. Going through a mortgage was a challenge. She tells the story of buying her condo. She describes her morning ritual to help her come back to center every day.


Cathy’s Vision for the Future

29:31 She just bought a place in Scotland. Her vision is to be bi-continental and support women all over the world to step into their yes, to be true to themselves, and to live their life purpose.

“If there’s one woman who can read [my book] and have that ‘aha’ moment for herself—“Yes I can”===and step into what it is for her, I’ve been successful.” – Cathy Alessandra

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