Dr. Diana Kirschner and I shared a powerful conversation on the Woman of Value Podcast about how she transformed from self-loathing to self-love. She’s a psychologist and love specialist who has appeared regularly on the Today Show, and she stars in an Amazon Prime TV show, Love in 90 Days: Finding Your Own True Love. Her smash bestseller, Love in 90 Days is celebrating its 10th Anniversary edition. Dr. Diana has helped tens of thousands of women all over the world create greater self-love and lasting passionate soulmate relationships.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to increase your self-love
  • How to identify your ‘Diamond Self’
  • How to develop unstoppable confidence
  • How to find lasting love



Show Notes

From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

“Self love is at the core of EVERYTHING; soulmate relationships, and doing work that expresses who you are in the world and your unique mission.” Dr. Diana Kirschner


What Is a Woman of Value?

2:07 “You’re in a state of being in love with yourself. If you’re happy with yourself and respect yourself, you’re in a state of deservedness and gratitude. The universe shifts to give you what you want.”


The ‘Aha’ Moment of Reclaiming Her Value

3:00 Diana was an unwanted child of an alcoholic family system. She grew up feeling it was terrible that she was born. She’d cry because she felt sorry for her parents for having given birth to her. She felt she was stupid and had a terrible sense of self. She was socially phobic and mute until early adulthood. She didn’t feel safe around people.

…Until she met her ‘Fairy Godmother’, a man who saw the potential and divine in her. He told her she was smart, and she thought, “Any minute now, he’s going to find out I’m stupid and incompetent.” He envisioned what she calls her Diamond Self. Her high-value identify. Little by little, it seeped into her.


Steps She Took to Develop Confidence

12:40 She kept interacting with her Fairy Godmother. Sometimes it was painful. She’d be crying from her early pain. She then developed a nickname for her high-value empowered diamond self: The Radiant Beacon of Loving Guidance. She was too embarrassed to tell anyone at first. Then, she began to embody her Diamond Self in many ways.

She faced every fear. Her number one fear was talking. Eventually, she overcame her fear and panic attacks to appear on TV. She went on to do great things, appearing on Oprah, Phil Donahue, the Today Show, and a PBS special. Facing her fear over and over freed her.

17:22 Diana tears up as she talks about her Facebook Lives and how she laughs with delight because she believes they are good.

“Each one of us is a fragment of the divine, creating our own reality. Allow yourself to flow with it. Women are often afraid of taking away someone else’s importance, so they play small and shrink themselves. But when you shine, you give others permission to shine.” – Diana Kirschner

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