This week’s Woman of Value Podcast guest, Sue Regan Kenney, had a high paying corporate job and was living a fast life. Suddenly downsized, she was forced to slow down and think about her next chapter. She ended up walking the Camino in Spain, on a pilgrimage covering 500 miles in 29 days one cold stormy winter. You’ll hear about the incredible lessons she learned as she walked her way back to her authentic self.

She now leads tours of the Camino, and the book she wrote about her journey is now being made into a movie. Listen to the audio or watch the video of her inspiring story about walking the Camino to find herself.


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Show Notes: Walking the Camino with Sue Regan Kenney

1:47: The pivotal moment that led her to walk 500 miles of the Camino in Spain one cold stormy winter. “My life was fast. I thought that’s the way you live to get everything done.” And then she was downsized…

6:28: The obstacles she faced on her pilgrimage/journey. Climbing 4,000 feet with a backpack that was too heavy. She had to get accustomed to walking every day. Sue, a competitive runner at the time, says, “I thought walking was for slow people!”

7:00 A pilgrim’s life is very very simple. No heat or hot water. Sleep in a sleeping bag in a bunk bed. She was used to a comfortable life. Listen to how she learned to let go of the things she held tightly to at home; the comforts, the rituals.


The Benefits of a Simpler Life

9:21: Sue talks about the benefits of simplifying her life. As she walked, she was forced her to pay attention to what was going on in her mind. Awareness was an experience in itself.

10:34: Learning to let go of sorrow the ‘pilgrim’ way.

14:00 She began uncovering more of her authentic self as she walked and moved forward.

15:45: Finding self-love and defining what it is. Sue talks about some of the important lessons learned on the Camino. The simple beauty and kindness of strangers. Becoming more generous, open and accepting of others.


Walking the Camino is a Metaphor For Life

19:30: Sue describes how the Camino is like a metaphor for life.

22:45: Meeting Dino the Greek and the lesson he taught her about overcoming unconscious bias. The true meaning of a saint: someone who overcomes fear. Learning not to judge herself or others.

27:00 As a child, she was a nonconformist. Over time as an adult, she had started to conform more and more. The Camino helped her return back to her nonconformist self, her authentic self. And accept herself.


What’s Sue Doing Today?

29:27: She wrote the book My Camino. Walked the Portuguese Camino. Wrote the second book. Continued to embrace the Camino. And then, eight years ago, she was walking by the forest, and here’s what happened that changed her life…

36:02: Sue describes the freedom that’s possible when you access your inner child.

37:50: Sue’s dream for the future. What’s happening with Camino, the movie?

39:00: The stories of the Camino are gifts to share with the world, not for her ego.

40:00 Sue’s story is that of a middle-aged woman who walked the Camino, the stories of the power of our breath, of self-love, of finding ourselves…

42:57: What is the Wim Hoff Method, and why does Sue love it and teach it?

52:29: Our authenticity is our power. The more authentic you are, the more powerful you are.

58:50 Here’s how would Sue like to be remembered.


Connect With Sue Regan Kenney


IG – @caminosue
FB – @suekenney1

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