My podcast guest, Marja Zapusek, shares her inspirational story about how she left an abusive relationship and is now thriving. But it wasn’t always so easy. Soon after becoming a single mom, she had struggled in the corporate world with an average salary, chained to her home town of Slovenia. 

She was deeply depressed, her body was always in pain, and she was angry, nervous and chronically tired. She finally found help and healing through Access Consciousness®.

Today, she’s traveling the world and creating a thriving business. She has a happy home, a beautiful relationship with her child, a healthy body, and she’s smiling most of the time.



Thriving After Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Leaving an Abusive Relationship

2:50 The pivotal moment when Marja realized she had to make a change and claim her value

Towards the end of her abusive relationship, she realized she had to get out to protect her daughter. 

8:35 What gave her the strength to leave her husband? 

10:55 If you’re in a bad relationship or a job that’s sucking the life out of you, here’s the advice Marja has for you:

“Stop judging yourself. Turn judgment into gratitude. Write a gratitude journal instead of starting the day with a litany of judgment.” Marja 


How to Stop Judging Yourself

13:12 Marja shares where she was judging herself and how she got out of a bad relationship with gaslighting, where he made her not trust herself. Her self-worth plummeted. 

15:00 She shares a tool from Access Consciousness to help you strengthen your intuition. What is true for you is light, and what is heavy or contracted is not true for you. It’s a lie. It helps you follow your own ‘knowing’. Ask yourself, “Is this really true for me, or is something better available.” Turn things on their head. Reach out to friends or family that support you.

The Connection Between Physical and Emotional Pain

17:25 We talk about the connection between Marja’s unhappiness and the pain she always felt in her body. If you’re in constant stress, it has a negative effect on your body. Marja speaks about the importance of self-care and self-compassion. 

20:00 Check in with your body when making decisions. Also ask yourself, “What would this decision impact in five years?” It could be a choice that helps you in the long run, even if you don’t feel like it right now. Your body will also contract when it’s not the best choice.


Tools to Empower You

27:35 What is Access Consciousness? A set of tools and techniques that helps you change and create anything you want. It’s designed to empower people to know that they know. The mantra: All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. ALL of life, even the ‘difficult’. 


29:16 “The way we treat ourselves is the way others treat us. If you’re judging yourself, it invites others to judge you.” Marja

30:00 We discuss why it’s important to stop being nice, especially at the cost of being true to yourself. We always have choice. We are not fully authentic when we’re always nice all the time.


Words of Wisdom, Lessons Learned

27:42: The number one thing holding her back from becoming a woman of value? Giving greater value to others and not listening to her truth.

 39:00 “Listen to your gut. Follow your truth. Be kind to yourself. Follow that knowing. Please don’t judge yourself anymore. Start seeing the value of you no matter what steps you have to take.”

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