My podcast guest, Dr. Amy Person, is an Integrative Physician specializing in women’s health. She shared the pivotal moment in her life that led her to the work she does today, and she’s encouraging you to speak up and take a stand for your health.

Dr. Amy has over 14 years of experience working with women from puberty through menopause, and she takes a very comprehensive approach to create an individualized program specific to every person’s needs and lifestyle.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to take a stand for your health
  • The key health issues women are dealing with today
  • What’s new in natural treatments for Osteoporosis
  • Why we have so many food allergies today
  • How to overcome fears and self-doubt



Show Notes: Speak Up and Take a Stand for Your Health!

“A Woman of Value is…someone who looks out for others, who uplifts, helps, encourages and gives back to others.” – Dr. Amy Person


Take a Stand for Your Health!

2:00 Amy’s pivotal moment: When she thought she was doing everything “right” for her body and health, and she was getting the wrong results. Her female primary care physician told her “you’re fine”. Unhappy with being dismissed, she became her own first patient, and she corrected her own health. 

That experience opened her eyes that MANY women share her story. And that she needed to help them as well. Her skills include listening, understanding, and then applying her experience and training, She knew what she could offer was needed.


Inspirational Patient Story

4:50 Amy shares a transformative story of a patient who healed with her care. The key that sets her apart from other physicians? She listens and digs deeper as to why they don’t feel well.


Areas of Expertise

11:45: The most common conditions people come to her for: Digestive issues, people who are tired all the time, low or lack of libido, not sleeping well, just don’t feel like themselves. She looks at hormones which could be out of whack. They’re like a spiderweb, all interconnected. Also, she believes food is medicine!


Why Many Foods Affect Our Health

14:00 Why do we have so many food issues today? The soil, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals we put on our food is different than in the past. It may not be an allergy to wheat, but to the chemicals and pesticides. So much of our food is processed.


Amy’s Approach to Osteoporosis

16:42 How does she look at osteoporosis? Naturally, of course. Are you doing weight bearing exercise? Getting calcium from various food sources? Taking vitamin D and K in the correct forms? There’s a new product coming out with the proper forms and doses of the correct vitamins. She feels it’s going to become very popular. Build the proper nutrients so your bones don’t break down.


How Can Women Be Heard By Their Physicians?

19:30 If your physician isn’t listening and you’ve tried, you need a new one. If you like your physician, be firm, not passive. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR health. You can only speak up and stand up for yourself.


Amy’s Vision for the Future

23:30 Speaking more, because if at least one person in that room has the understanding that there is another way, she has achieved her mission. She doesn’t feel like it’s work. She loves getting to know her patients and will do anything she can to help. 


Why Self-Care Is Vital to Your Health

26:50: There are many aspects to it. Moms have to stop coming last all the time. Get your life in balance; eat right, exercise, go on a trip with your girlfriends…it will enhance your quality of life. It’s mandatory!


Overcoming Fears and Lack of Self-Worth

30:00 She never thought she was capable enough. Learn how she overcame that. Amy talks about fear of…everything. And what she did to work through the fear.

She also reveals how she trusted blindly in the past, and how it was a hard lesson to learn.


“You have one life, and if you don’t follow that thing you want to do, before you know it, it will be too late.”

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