Listen to Janis Isaman’s story of leaving a successful career as a Fashion Media Executive to create a life she loves. While working in fashion, she focused on health and wellness in her spare time. This led her to work with a client who had a disease in her joints that required joint replacement surgery. After two years, working together twice a week, this woman no longer required the surgical procedure. This inspired Janis to leave her career in fashion and create My Body Couture, a private, one-on-one health studio in Calgary, dedicated to helping people feel good in their bodies.
A highly certified movement specialist and nutrition coach, Janis helps clients develop practical and sustainable plans to feel better in their body. She’s a speaker and presenter and is frequently quoted as a health expert in publications including: Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Working Mother, Sparkpeople, MyFitnessPal, and Beachbody.

Listen to Janis’s inspirational story of:

  • Becoming a single mom by choice
  • Leaving a successful career to follow her passion and purpose
  • Overcoming her fears
  • How physical pain and emotional wellbeing are interwoven

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Leaving a Successful Career to Create the Life Of Her Dreams


“It doesn’t have to be so complicated to live the life of your dreams. It’s all about mindset and simplicity.” – Janis Isaman


Leaving a Successful Career

1:24 Janis’s aha moment that led her to leave a successful career

4:04: The steps she took to get to where she is today

5:53 What led her to work with people on their bodies.

6:42 The client that changed her life


Finding Her Life’s Mission

9:55 Her life’s mission

10:25 How has her work helped her own body?

12:37 “What’s missing is a dialogue to educate us on what our bodies are saying. Developing a vocabulary for pain to help problem-solve for our physical issues.”


Connecting Mind/Body/Spirit

16:00 An exercise that Tony Robbins teaches at his events where you embody an emotion, a connection between your physical body, your mindset, and what you can achieve in life.

17:55 The negative connection women have with their bodies that holds them back from confidence.

21:10 How she came up with her business name, Body Couture

23:46 What sets her apart from others

29:16 Lightning round!

31:00 Do first, plan second! Stop overthinking. Don’t wait until everything is perfect.

37:00 How she’s like to be remembered, and how she lives in alignment and makes a difference to others.

Connect with Janis
Instagram: @mybodycouture

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