Shy and unhappy in corporate jobs and having trouble finding her voice, Shola Kaye quit the corporate world and became a professional singer—a childhood dream. She’s now a keynote speaker and public speaking coach, helping women business owners and those in corporate to step up, speak up and get clients. Her work has appeared in the BBC, Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes.

Shola’s fear of being judged kept her from stepping into her purpose and passion. Can you relate? Listen to her story as she transformed from a shy girl to finding her voice as a singer, speaker and speaking coach.



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Shola Kaye – From Shy Girl to Finding Her Voice


Shola’s Pivotal Moment of Finding Her Voice

1:20 Listen to her story describing what led her from being passive to her pivotal moment, and how she became a speaker and singer.

6:04 How getting ‘no’s’ in our life can take us in a different direction.

9:12 Shola’s D.I.V.A. Framework (It’s not what you think…)

D: Be a dynamic and lively speaker
I: Be inspiring
V: Be of value
A: Be authentic


The Importance of Telling Our Stories

10:15 Shola’s client story about helping people who are wrongfully imprisoned, and how he had suppressed his own story until he worked with Shola!

13:55 We need to hear stories about why something exists, even if it’s technical.

14:54 What is Shola creating in the world today?

17:50 Don’t hide parts of yourself when you speak!

20:28 Shola’s dream for the future: Helping people stop overthinking. Think on your feet and share from the heart. Inspire others, which inspires others, and creates a snowball effect.


Lessons Learned From Failure

23:00 Hear the story about her TEDx presentation, and the sound failure and sound blips. She’s now laughing about the screwups.

31:00 How to calm your nerves before speaking. Know you’re of service.

Be Kinder To Yourself

35:11 It’s important to be kinder to yourself. Use the Swish Pattern.


Favorite Books and Quote

38:15: Favorite books:
Captivate: The Science of Charisma, by Vanessa Van Edwards
Competence, by Marisa Peer
The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield

41:05 Favorite quote: “The highest honor on Earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself,” by Oprah Winfrey

42:32 How would Shola like to be remembered? As a generous communicator, someone who is a quiet leader and is empowering, inspiring and leading in a gentle way.

Connect with Shola for a free gift; the top tips for preparing for a speech, before, during, and after.

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