My podcast guest, Destinee Berman, is the strategist and secret “visionary” behind today’s most widely recognized online spiritual healing schools. After a successful 15-year run in Silicon Valley, she found her calling by leaving corporate and building her own company, helping healers and holistic businesses multiply their reach and impact by launching profitable online schools and platforms.

Highlights of Episode 13:

  • The courage it took to leave the safety of corporate and leap into the unknown
  • The power of intuition in building her own company
  • How to prioritize your creative projects
  • How to access your highest self, especially when doubt creeps up

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Show Notes

Destinee Berman – Leaving Corporate and Building Her Own Company


The Courage to Leave Corporate and Build Her Own Company

Destinee’s pivotal moment when she stepped into her value: Knowing she had to leave her corporate job and go out on her own, but she wasn’t sure what she was going to do.

1:52 She knew the energy had to shift. She wasn’t comfortable where she was, but she didn’t yet know where she was going.

2:26: She describes gave her journey in making that leap into the unknown.


Going With the Flow and Relying on Intuition

4:56 Did she have a time in her life when she went with the flow and had success? She talks about that here.

5:55 Destinee relies heavily on her intuition in her business.

6:24 How do you know it’s your intuition and how to trust it? She shares how to check your inner knowing with an exercise to test your intuition.


Birthing New Creative Projects

8:23 What creative projects is Destinee working on (or as she says, birthing) right now?

10:40 Here are the steps she takes to figure out which creative projects to focus on.

13:00 How to not lose our essence as a woman as we fulfill our ambitions.


How to Handle Fears that Arise When Building Her Own Company

17:15: How to distinguish between a real fear and a perceived fear that stops someone from stepping into their calling.

19:02 Expect the fear, and move through the discomfort.


20:21 Lightning Round

20:42: Number one thing that was holding her back from becoming a woman of value.

21:01 She talks about something she failed at that taught her an important life lesson.

22:00 Advice for a woman who has given up her value in the past.

23:00 She shares a tool to access your highest self.

24:26 Favorite quote: “A dream is having a plan against your vision.” by Jay Shetty

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