My podcast guest, Scarlett De Bease, is a wardrobe stylist and image consultant. She helps women over 40 stop stressing about dressing by showing them what to wear and what NOT to wear—no matter their shape, size, age, or budget. Westchester Magazine named her “The Red Hot Image Maker” because of her reputation for transforming the lives of women who struggle with how to dress so they look and feel confident. 

You’ll hear:

  • A devastatingly embarrassing experience that motivated Scarlett to do this work
  • How bringing out the best in each woman is the goal, not a ‘fake-over’
  • The biggest areas of shame for women when it comes to getting dressed
  • And so much more!

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Show Notes

EP 11: Scarlett De Bease – The Red Hot Image Maker

3:36: What is a woman of value? “Truthful and giving. Not pretending your life is something it isn’t, and to give to others through your time, charity, or love to people you care for.”

Women’s Struggles With Their Image

6:40: Surprising facts: The average dress size in America is 14! Women who wear smaller dress sizes struggle the most with how they look! 

9:17: Scarlett’s aha moment when she realized she needed to claim her value. She shares a story about what happened when she was 21-years-old, working for a French skin care company. You don’t want to miss this!

15:15 We speak about how the #metoo movement gave voice to stories like Scarlett’s.


What’s The “Red Hot Image Maker” Creating Now?

18:50: Her new virtual service is designed to help women all over the globe through video chatting about what to wear and what not to wear. Many women are more concerned with showing her their closet than getting undressed in front of her!


Scarlett: Authenticity, Integrity, and Standing in Her Truth

She tells an fascinating story about how she became a wardrobe stylist. Scarlett stood up for her values and integrity many times, leading her to the good choices she made to run her company today.


We talk about makeup as a mask, and how the media is handing us a bill of goods to make us buy products that don’t look good on us.

32:00 Scarlett talks about the importance of knowing your colors, neckline, styles and accessories that look best on you. It helps when you shop to know what to buy so you don’t end up with a closet full of clothes you don’t wear.

She looks at a woman’s wardrobe as a puzzle, and she helps women fill in the missing pieces. We don’t need a lot of clothes. She helps women break habits and try on clothes they’ve never thought to try on before!


Scarlett-ism: If something you try on is a maybe, don’t keep it. A maybe doesn’t become a yes!


Client Success Story

38:22 Scarlett shares a heartwarming story about one of her favorite clients who had gained a lot of weight and didn’t have anything that fit her well anymore. You won’t believe what a single outfit did to increase her confidence!

Scarlett-ism: Don’t wait to lose weight to dress yourself well and take care of the body you have right now.


Did She Meet Gayle King?

49:36 Listen to this wonderful story about Gayle King and how Scarlett’s husband met her (and said the wrong thing about Scarlett)!

51:20: Scarlett’s recipe for being a woman of value. You might be surprised!

Podcast and book recommendations: Michelle Obama’s Becoming and the Snap Judgment podcast. 


Favorite quote: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou. Find out why she loves this quote so much.





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