My podcast guest, Mal Duane, is a certified Spiritual, Professional, and Life Coach, the #1 best-selling author of Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, and Broken Open: Embracing Heartache and Betrayal as Gateways to Unconditional Love. She’s a leading expert on self-worth. Having triumphed over devastating life challenges, Mal uses her own lessons to coach other women and help them reclaim their self-worth and bring forward the potential that lies buried beneath their scars. 

Listen to Mal Duane’s inspirational story of overcoming the betrayal of her ex-husband, and how she learned to forgive him and reclaim her value.



Show Notes

Betrayal and The Journey to Love

3: 50 Mal describes her pivotal moment of betrayal by her ex-husband, her wakeup call, and the path of freedom to forgive him and to reclaim her value.

5:18: How Mal learned to forgive. She shares a beautiful analogy of an energy chord that needed to be severed.


“Our whole purpose of being here is love.” 

Mal Duane


9:12 Getting out of ego and into her heart is where she found her connection back to self.


Outer Beauty, Inner Self-Loathing

10:21 Mal was a model when she was younger. She saw herself as homely, and she lived in a dark place behind a public mask.

13:28 Men preyed on her outer beauty. They would sweep her off her feet. Because she was so wounded, she bought into it. She was used and discarded.


Sobriety and Healing Old Wounds

14:21 How Mal’s work shifted from the recovery movement after getting sober. 

“We’re born as a clean slate, a divine perfect little baby untouched by anything yet. And then we meet our parents…”

    – Mal Duane


18:14 Recognizing the patterns in her relationships with men, Mal speaks about how she broke the unhealthy patterns.

24:20 What is healthy? What is ‘normal’? Learning how to trust your intuition and inner brilliance.

26:49 The difference between triggers and your intuition.

28:21 What Mal is creating in the world right now

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