Wendy Darling helps you discover your purpose with greater ease. Listen to this episode to learn her method!

Wendy Darling helps people discover their purpose with greater ease. She’s the founder of the Miraculous Living Institute, with over 40 years experience as a relationship and transformational results expert, speaker, author, seminar facilitator, management and organizational development consultant, master healer and coach. She has created a unique and innovative system, the Miraculous Living Method, helping people get the results they want with greater ease and speed. 

Wendy formerly hosted two of her own radio shows, and has been featured in Forbes, as well as numerous other publications. She is the #1 best-selling author of Create Your Miraculous Life – It’s NEVER Too Late and The Miracle That Is Your Life

In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast:

– How to discover your purpose

– A crisis that led to Wendy changing careers and finding her unique gifts

– Why Wendy does this work

– How she helps people change their brains to create positive change

S3 EP 11: Wendy Darling – Discover Your Purpose With Greater Ease




I turned seventy in May, and I started working when women weren’t in executive positions. We had a segment ‘women working with women’, because women weren’t as supportive of each other as they are today. I was mentored by men, and I took on many masculine qualities.

As women, we have many gifts. A woman of value recognizes her uniqueness and uses her unique gifts in the world. 



I was on a fast track to success, when in 1990, I was sick as a dog, and we had a work trip scheduled. My workaholic brain didn’t allow me to take a break. I passed out and fell off a ledge. I fell on my right leg, which was shattered. I had back injuries and a brain injury. My husband left and got custody of our four-and-a-half year old son. I was devastated, and my mother suggested I learn to meditate.

Even though I couldn’t fathom beginning meditation, I did it to start digging out of the hole I was in. Every time I meditated, I had the urge to sing, even though everyone had always told me not to sing. By singing, my mind and body began to relax.

Soon, I began to open up to seeing people’s energies. I started working with my friends, and I was able to see stuck energies that are the barrier to where you want to be. I had been given a gift, and I stepped into it.

I’m now able to shorten the gap from where people are to where they want to be. It’s a brain-training program.



I dial up people’s deepest desires. I do magic wand time. I do sound healing and use transformational healing cards. The desires of the heart point you in the direction of your truth. I see people like a complex Rubik’s Cube that’s gotten out of alignment. I use brain training to strengthen existing neural pathways or create new ones, so your brain and desire work together. 

We look to inspired action. It might not be easy, but you have to take that next step.

The book, Create Your Miraculous Life, was written during the pandemic. I thought how many people are wondering if it’s too late for love, for overcoming financial issues and more. I felt the pull to write it. 

My life was feeling very un-miraculous, but I wondered how many others felt that way. I had to dig deep and find hope and trust. 



  • I used to think I wasn’t good, smart, pretty enough.
  • What was the #1 thing holding you back from becoming a woman
    of value? Me! I didn’t know who I was.
  • What’s the best advice you can give to a woman who wants to
    become more empowered? Have a morning gratitude practice. Start to notice and appreciate the good in your life. Do things that say, “I love me”. Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Nourish yourself in a variety of ways. Spend time in quiet, or take a bath. Whatever nourishes you. As you begin to fill up, start looking at what else you need. And be willing to ask for support.
  • What advice would you give to your younger self? I want you to trust yourself more. You’re brilliant and special. 
  • What’s something people get wrong about you? Some people used to think I was a snob because I was quiet. 
  • How would you like to be remembered? I’d like to be remembered as someone who really cared and would do anything for family and friends. I was able to make a difference in the lives of others. My purpose is to help others find their purpose.

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