Do you have an inner bully? Martial Artist and Personal Power Coach, Master Theresa Byrne explains how you can shift your mindset from listening to defeating self-talk (what she calls your inner bully), to discover and be empowered by your inner warrior.

Theresa Byrne is self-defense expert and founder of a martial arts center, teaching others how inner power can transform lives. She’s the first woman to earn the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in her system!

In this episode of the Woman of Value Podcast

  • Learning HOW to ask for help and WHO to ask for help
  • How to develop core confidence and take your power back
  • What the Inner Bully is, and why you need to conquer it to live your best life
  • How a devastating car accident taught Theresa a valuable life lesson about her value
  • The antidote to stress
  • How she healed from a traumatic brain injury by trying over 40 healing modalities
  • And more!



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Show Notes Season 2 EP 3: Theresa Byrne – Conquering the Inner Bully

Theresa has spent her whole life protecting others. As an adult, it took her a long time to learn how to protect herself.

What is a Woman of Value to Theresa?

1:30: “She’s someone with inner confidence. No matter what life throws at us, you know you can handle it with the skills and tools to be confident. Or, you’re tapped in enough to look for help!”


Finding Her Value at a Young Age

inner bully4:00 As the child of a military family, she moved from Germany to Colorado as a young child. There were a lot of mean kids, and she didn’t fit in. Even though she felt awkward, she was kind and stood up for the kids who were bullied at eight years old. 

Learning to Take a Stand for Herself Later in Life

10:40 After college, she did a number of jobs, but nothing spoke to her soul until she was studying martial arts, and was asked to become a partner in the studio. She immediately said, YES. She was able to teach boundaries, inner and outer power. 


Pivotal Moment of Finding Her Value

13:00 In 2014, she was in a devastating car accident, diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, and her whole life changed in that instant. She had to stop working, and she had a breakdown.

She asked herself, “What value do I have if I can’t help people stand up for themselves?” Her first epiphany was her value was because she WAS, not what she did. “I’m valuable just because I am.”

She realized she could still teach inner power and all the skills involved in taking back your power. She taught herself how to write and publish an ebook. After appearing on my radio show, Last First Date Radio , she and I created an ebook on setting boundaries in dating and relationships.

Discovering the Inner Bully

20:53 Theresa distinguishes the differences between the inner critic and the inner bully. The critic is voices in your head that put you down. The Inner Bully is like an angry toddler inside us, and there’s no voice to it. It’s a visceral feeling of being scared or triggered. She began to see how our bodies respond to the Inner Bully when we’re in toxic relationships. It was her big aha!

She describes the adrenal response to triggers, fight, flight, and freeze, and how chronic business and perfectionism are our ways of ‘fleeing’. We create these flight responses like binge watching tv as a way to run away from our issues.

The Inner Bully TEDx Talk

The Antidote to Stress

28:00 When things aren’t going well, we go into fight, flight or freeze. We activate our adrenal system. The only antidote to adrenaline is breath. It helps move the energy through your body. Listen to this part for some great tools for calming your body down! When we’re stuck in fight, flight, or freeze, we’re totally self-absorbed. Breathing gets you out of your concern for your own survival to thriving in life.

Healing After Her Brain Injury

40:43 She realized the power of our minds. “We are never broken, but we’re broken open.” When doctors said she’d never do certain things again or if/when she’d ever heal, she found resilience in herself. She never gave up. She tried over 40 healing modalities. She believes we all have inner resilience we don’t realize we have until we are faced with challenges. She sees her brain injury as a gift. And she believes we get the opportunity to re-choose our power at any moment. 

Are You a Victim/Victor/Visionary?

47:58 When faced with a challenge, Theresa believes we can choose one of three ways of being: a victim, a victor, or a visionary. She describes her journey to become a visionary. 

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