How to Turn Your Triggers into Treasures

Antia Boyd shows you how to turn your triggers into treasures. She's a dating and relationship coach who has spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows including Harvard University and Google. She's also been featured on ABC Radio, America Trends TV, and The Great Love Debate. Born in East…
December 23, 2020
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Inspiring Women to Own Their Power

Dr. Anne Whitehouse and I had a wonderful conversation about women who are ready to own their power. She is an author, PhD scientist, female power alchemist and subconscious healing specialist. Following her burnout in the world of engineering, she developed a pioneering system that frees women from the toxic…
November 26, 2020

Overcoming Obstacles to Live an Empowered Life

Do you want to live an empowered life? Harriet Tinka was stabbed, kidnapped and left for dead by a former boyfriend. She turned that horrifying experience into motivation to not only live her best life, but to inspire others to live an empowered life. She has given hope to women…
October 30, 2020

The Art of Feminine Marketing

Julie Foucht hired a high-end coach and learned to ‘market like a man.’ She doubled, then tripled her income in less than a year, but felt drained, uninspired and restless. She created a new way to market that aligned with her as a woman, The Art of Feminine Marketing. Today,…
September 25, 2020