Debunking the Myths of Motherhood and Womanhood

In this episode, we’re debunking the myths of motherhood and womanhood with Dr. Gertrude Lyons. She has been a Master Life Coach and Relationship Expert for over two decades. Through her Rewriting The Mother Code initiative, which challenges the traditional notions of motherhood and womanhood, Dr. Lyons has become a…
September 23, 2021
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Kass Thomas – Don’t Be Afraid to Change Direction

It's never too late to change direction. My guest, Kass Thomas, is someone who keeps pivoting into the many expressions of her truest self. --- Kass Thomas is a successful business entrepreneur, motivational speaker and empowerment business coach. The depth of her career experiences inspires people to explore more choices…
August 26, 2021

Juliana Parker – The Power of Being Kind to Yourself

Juliana Parker believes in the power of being kind to yourself. Listen to this episode, and learn how to create more kindness in the world. My podcast guest, Juliana Parker, is committed to helping people find the healing power of being kind to themselves. She has handed out over 2,000…
July 29, 2021

Julie Broad – Get Published, Grow Your Brand

Julie Broad started Book Launchers to help people get published and grow their brand. Listen to her inspirational story! --- Julie Broad is the founder of self-publishing services firm Book Launchers and Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author. Julie’s titles include More than Cashflow, The New Brand You, and her…
June 24, 2021