What was the inspiration behind creating the Woman of Value, and what motivated me to branch out from my work as a dating coach for women over 40 to create this new business? In this interview with Silke Schwarzkopf, the producer of 2nd Act TV, I revealed the backstory behind The Woman of Value and my life’s purpose and mission.

Are you ready to join the Woman of Value Movement?

What we talked about:

  • When being kind can backfire

  • Why I’m so passionate about women speaking up

  • The importance of taming the inner critic to achieve our greatest goals

  • What I taught in a recent corporate Lunch and Learn series

  • How to abolish the IMPOSSIBLE so you can make your dreams come true

  • It’s never too late and you’re never too old to have the life you want


Watch the video and let me know your key takeaways…

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