Dr. Esther Zeledón shows you how you can tap into your authenticity and find your purpose in every area of your life.

Dr. Esther Zeledón is in the business of impacting lives. As the founder of BeActChange, she empowers high achieving individuals, teams, and communities to discover and live their purpose in alignment with their mission and vision. A global presence rooted in the Latina experience, Esther inspires professionals, leaders, and change-makers to find fulfillment and growth.

S5 EP 1: Dr. Esther Zeledón – Authenticity is Your Superpower





It means living your authentic self. Knowing the gift you bring to the world, and it doesn’t matter what other people think.



I was born in Nicaragua and when I was two, I almost died. My father played the lotto with my mom’s sister and they won. They used that money to save my life in Miami.

I grew up feeling like I owed my life to them. We grew up without money, hustling, the immigrant experience. I felt I had to do everything I could to give back to my parents for saving my life.

I worked hard, made no waves, got into the best schools. But I felt something wasn’t right. I felt empty when I finished and wondered why.

Getting married was the next pivotal moment, and there was still something off. I was wondering what went wrong. Why didn’t I feel great. I thought what was missing was the career achievement.

I did that, and years of climbing, I finally got there, I reached the third pivotal moment of career achievement. And I was suffering. I needed to come to alignment. I discovered that was helping others achieve their purpose.

That’s when I became aligned and found my purpose. I pushed through the discomfort and built a community around me.



I help people find their purpose in this way:

The first step is to go into your childhood dream career. Not the title, but the specific characteristics you admired in that dream career. Who do you admire today? What kind of impact do you want to make in the world? What problem would you solve? How would you do that? The HOW is the uniqueness to you. Then, what’s the legacy you want to leave in the world? What have you overcome? How?

Then you can create your mission and vision and take it out into the world.

I coach high achievers women, immigrants, teams and companies to build a mission and vision. I also coach NGOs. We have a small team including my husband.

We just came out with a book, Creating Your Limitless Life. Books were always pivotal in my life when I didn’t have money. I want people to have a resource if they can’t afford coaching.


  • I used to think I wasn’t important enough.
  • What was the #1 thing holding you back from becoming a woman
    of value? Fear.
  • What’s the best advice you can give to a woman who wants to
    become more empowered? Understand your purpose and your gift. That’s where empowerment comes from.
  • What advice would you give to your younger self? That little voice in your head is telling you there’s more out there for you. Keep following it and put that fear away.
  • What’s something people get wrong about you?People told me I was too kind and too soft. I don’t expect anything in return. I think kindness is strength
  • How would you like to be remembered? As someone that wants to bring out the uniqueness of everyone and change how we see individualism as bringing out the strength of every person. It’s the opposite of selfish.


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