Imagine a world without self-doubt, fear, or playing small, a world where women’s voices are heard and respected.

It’s time to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up as a WOMAN OF VALUE!

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· Increase your impact and influence through your work

· Do work you’re passionate about

· Launch or grow a business

· Hone your communication skills

· Improve your presentation and speaking skills

· Have the confidence and courage to do something BIG

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As a business owner, I first began working with Sandy, to cure myself of people-pleasing. I was afraid of confrontation. It was easier to say yes than risk upsetting someone.

Thanks to Sandy, I no longer avoid or dread confrontation. I know how to start a difficult conversation with positive words, and how to leave the emotions out, so I can remain professional throughout. I have learned how to be clear with my intentions and actions and show up in my full power. It feels great to know I can handle anything. Sandy’s support and guidance are an essential part of my life, and I am so grateful to her!

Deborah EmeryEmery Design Associates

I had been making choices and taking actions with no regard for myself. I was entirely other-focused instead of self-focused. With Sandy’s coaching, I learned to notice when my boundaries were getting stepped on and how to communicate this to others. Having continual guidance along the journey was vital. Additionally, really exploring and getting clarity around my values was so helpful. I am happier deep down, and I make healthier choices in my day-to-day life.

LoriNorth Carolina

Sandy’s coaching expertise and advanced public speaking talent led me straight into presenting an award-winning speech. She pulled me out of the weeds by challenging me to get focused. With the many facets involved in both crafting and presenting a speech, it’s not always easy to keep your eye on the big picture.

Sandy was brilliant in orchestrating the writing and presentation skills that allowed me to grow as a speaker. I found her coaching to be invaluable and highly recommend her to anyone who’s either starting out as a speaker or ready to take their existing speaking and presentation skills to greater heights.

Suzanne KellyChief Talent Advisor,

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